ABOUTAsia Schools History

The people ...

Andy Booth is a self-made man. Coming from an agricultural area on the Welsh-English border, Andy was the first pupil in living memory to go to Oxford University from his school, where he studied physics at Wadham College. Combining a successful sporting career with an extremely successful business career led him to retire in his 30s, and begin an extended trip around the world to celebrate his retirement.

Coming to Cambodia, Andy fell in love with the people, and was strongly affected by the contrast between the tourist dollars flowing through Siem Reap city, and the poverty of Siem Reap province, particularly the lack of education opportunities. While visiting Cambodia, Andy met David Chase, a New York-based property developer who had survived cancer and had re-examined his life priorities as a result. David had also fallen in love with Cambodia, and firmly belived that the best way to help the country forward is to help its children.

The School

Prey Chrouk is a small town about 45km from Siem Reap. In common with many smaller provincial towns, the town used to have only a single (primary) school, and children of secondary school age had to travel to Siem Reap to continue their education, which resulted in most children dropping out of formal education after Grade 6. Joining forces, Andy and David donated money to build a secondary school in Prey Chrouk, which opened in 2006. ABOUTAsia Schools has continued to supply volunteers to Prey Chrouk since then, and also assists with teaching materials and helping with the maintenance of the school. ABOUTAsia staff have even helped with the painting of the school.

painting prey chrouk school, 45km from siem reap

ABOUTAsia staff on painting duty at Prey Chrouk

Continuing Commitment

Since building Prey Chrouk, we have seen many schools built with the aid of generous overseas donations, but no ongoing commitment from those donors. We now support other schools in Siem Reap province in several ways:

  • Teaching materials - chalk, pencils, books, posters etc
  • Small capital projects - small building projects, computers etc
  • Supplying school uniforms
  • Recruiting volunteers to work in several of the schools

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