The Angkor Guidebook is here!

The Angkor Guidebook

The Angkor Guidebook, from ABOUTAsia Travel is the “must have” guide for visitors to the Angkor Temples.

That’s because The Angkor Guidebook is more than just another field guide. With visual reconstructions of the temples by artist Bruno Levy, text that reflects the latest academic findings and insights, historical photos from the archives of EFEO (École Française d’Extrême-Orient) and a guide to the local flora and fauna to be found around the temples, The Angkor Guidebook is an indispensable resource. Designed primarily for the first time visitor to the Angkor complex, the book is lightweight and opens flat for easy use.

The Angkor Guidebook

Transparency overlays show the temples as they were.

There are three primary features which set this book apart:

Artistic recreations, in the form of transparent overlays, show what the temples would have looked like 1000 years ago in their heyday. The recreations in the book are the fruit of an extensive collaboration between leading academics and artists to help the visitor visualize the temples as they originally appeared.

Concise, accessible content on each temple appears alongside historical and contemporary photographs, or visual reconstructions providing the reader with easily digestible and contextual information about the temples. There are other good temple guidebooks available but they are often dense with historical and archaeological details that overwhelm the average traveler. The Angkor Guidebook aims to inform, engage and captivate the reader.

Baphuon temples in 1923 - École française d'Extrême-Orient

Baphuon temple in 1923 – EFEO

The book profits support children’s education. ABOUTAsia Travel’s sister organization, ABOUTAsia Schools, supports the education of over 50,000 students at 108 schools in Siem Reap province.


The Angkor Guidebook is on sale at hotels, restaurants and retail outlets in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. It can also be purchased on and


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The Angkor Guidebook

Useful fold-out map


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