In the service business it´s all about the people. All of our dedicated team live here in Cambodia with the passion and know-how to transform your travel from a vacation into a life-enhancing experience. A laboratory of new ideas, our committed team works together to ensure our guests benefit from up-close and personalised luxury travel, always staying two steps ahead of the tourist crowd.

Travel Leisure A-List, Conde Nast

Andrw Booth

Andrew BOOTH: Founder & CEO

Andy grew up on a small farm in rural England. Following a degree in Physics at Oxford University, rowing for his country and a 15-year investment banking career, Andy retired from the City of London. First visiting Cambodia on a family vacation, he was swept away by the beauty of the country. Andy established ABOUTAsia Travel determined to ensure that tourism made a difference, firmly believing that luxury travel can simultaneously change the lives of the world´s most and least fortunate: profits support the educational work done in the local communities by ABOUTAsia Schools. Siem Reap has been his home for over ten years where his unparalleled insider knowledge has been recognized by Condé Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure, naming him Top Travel Specialist for Cambodia 2013 in their highly coveted list of worldwide travel experts.

Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Paddling a boat under a beautiful starlit sky to capture images of a stilted village awakening in the early dawn on the Tonle Sap Lake for a UK Newspaper.”


Edward GIBBONS: Business Development Manager

Edward originally comes from a background in real estate but having visited Cambodia for the first time in 2008, he discovered the beauty and remoteness of the Cambodian coast. Initially working for a marine conservation organization monitoring and documenting reef and fish stocks on Koh Rong Samloem he followed this by working in the development of Song Saa Private Island, living between Phnom Penh, the Islands and Hong Kong. His work afforded him the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Asia, researching the positive impact luxury travel can have on local economies and environments. His passion lies in creating unique and individual tours to South East Asia that provide a lasting impression of this amazing part of the world.

Travel Advisory Team

Joshua CLAYTON: Sales Manager

Travel has always been a big part of Joshua´s life. As teachers, his parents took him and his sister on long summer holidays to far-flung parts of the world, and he developed a longing to see deeper than the postcard-face of a country. Despite his young age, he has lived in Turkey, the UK, Australia and now Cambodia. He feels his lengthy stays in a given place let him meet people and learn the culture in a way that is impossible to write in a guidebook, or explain to family and friends. Enthusiastic and excited, if there is something to throw himself into he will.

Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “I´ve always been interested in aquatic animals, so for me it was seeing the little grey Irawaddy Dolphins in Kratie. Couple that with the beautiful French Colonial Architecture, and a sunset stroll along the waterfront and I had a great few days exploring. It´s a little out-of-the-way for some people, but for me it was a favourite!”

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Ethan Crowley

Savonn REANG: Senior Travel Advisor

Savonn comes from Cambodia´s second largest city, Battambang, where traditional French colonial tapestry is intertwined with a modern Khmer style. It´ also home to an unofficial Cambodian invention - the ‘bamboo train’. Savonn moved to Siem Reap in 2008 and has worked for ABOUTAsia for 4 years, initially focusing his efforts in the sales support team before progressing to the travel advisory team where he puts great care into designing itineraries. In his spare time, Savonn is undertaking a degree in Business Administration.

Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Cruising out onto Prek Toal Core Bird Reserve to see the waterbirds and wildlife before kayaking through the floating village on the lake where the houses are all built on bamboo platforms.”

Kristiaan WOUTERS

Kristiaan WOUTERS: Senior Travel Advisor

After having left Belgium for the alluring Brazil, Kristiaan first realized how very different divergent cultures could be. The people were different. The food was different. The lifestyle was different. Everything he was used to growing up had completely shifted. With this profound interest and enthusiasm he embarked on a round-the-world trip, looking at cities and crowds the same way an infant explores the world; with unschooled thought. He hit the States, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, South-Korea, Australia and nearly every country in SE-Asia, and eventually landed in Siem Reap. After a couple of years in temple-town, he joined the ABOUTAsia team as one of our experts, to share with our guests the beautiful Indochina he fell in love with.

Travel Concierge Team

Sopheak HEM

Sopheak HEM: Travel Concierge

Sopheak joined the ABOUTAsia team in 2010, soon after finishing his bachelor´s degree in Business and Tourism Management. Quickly rising to head of the Sales Support department, Sopheak then applied his prodigious skill set to the Travel Advisory desk, where he leverages his passion for the historical sites of Angkor as he crafts memorable journeys. A proud native of Siem Reap, he especially loves the ABOUTAsia Schools programme and its work in the local community. In his spare time, Sopheak indulges his passion for sport, in particular long distance running—always a regular face at the annual Angkor marathons!

Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “The Cambodian coast is a favorite destination of mine—I love to escape there to get away from it all, enjoy the warm waters, and sample the up and coming coastal foods and nightlife.”

Khemrak KHON

Khemrak KHON: Travel Concierge

Born in Kampong Cham Province, Khemrak grew up in a large family along the Mekong River just downstream of a pod of River Dolphins. A place well away from the tourist trail, Khemrak probably knows the back-roads and remote areas better than anyone in the office. After moving to Siem Reap to help support his family, he was introduced to the Travel Industry as a Security Guard, and has since worked with the Angkor Guidebook and several boutique hotels before joining ABOUTAsia in 2014.

Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Kulen Mountain, I love cycling around the hidden trails and if it´s a hot day, the waterfall is always there to cool off. It makes for a great weekend!”

Operations Team

Sam Ang

Sam Ang YI: Director of Guest Experience

Sam Ang has been around since the very beginning of ABOUTAsia. After proving himself in reservations and operations, Sam Ang landed in his current role, where he turns your dreams and our itinerary planning into reality to enable you to experience the best of Cambodia. Sam Ang ensures your itinerary is executed to ABOUTAsia´s exacting standards, mindful of always allowing for flexibility and a change of plan, so you´ll be met even if your flight is delayed! His passion for the travel industry has motivated him to continue his studies, and so in addition to his degree from Ecole Paul Dubrule he now holds a bachelor´s in Tourism Management. Sam Ang digs outdoor adventures, specifically multi-day dirt bike excursions and hiking, and has never lost his love for farming in the Cambodian countryside.

Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Riding through the Cardamom Mountains in southern Cambodia on an epic dirt-bike trip. 1,600 kilometers; beautiful vistas; unforgettable memories.”


Tith LENG: Phnom Penh Office Manager

Tith originally hails for the large and populous province of Kampong Cham. A university degree in Hotel and Tourism Management brought him from his hometown of Skun—world famous for a local delicacy: fried tarantulas—to Cambodia´s capital of Phnom Penh where he has lived and worked ever since. As head of the ABOUTAsia Phnom Penh office, Tith leverages his many years of travel industry experience to ensure a seamless service for discerning guests. In his spare time you will find him tirelessly plying the pitch at the local football club or cycling the many Mekong islands that surround Phnom Penh.

Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Trekking through the dense protected forest in the Northeastern province of Ratanakiri, listening to nature´s soundtrack: the rustling of leaves and the sounds of wildlife.”

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