The ABOUTAsia Team

In the service business it’s all about the people. All of our dedicated team live here in Cambodia with the passion and know-how to transform your travel from a vacation into a life-enhancing experience. A laboratory of new ideas, our committed team works together to ensure our guests benefit from up-close and personalised luxury travel, always staying two steps ahead of the tourist crowd.

  • Andy Booth
  • Founder & CEO: Andrew Booth

  • Andy grew up on a small farm in rural England. Following a degree in Physics at Oxford University, rowing for his country and a 15-year investment banking career, Andy retired from the City of London. First visiting Cambodia on a family vacation, he was swept away by the beauty of the country. Andy established ABOUTAsia Travel determined to ensure that tourism made a difference, firmly believing that luxury travel can simultaneously change the lives of the world’s most and least fortunate: 100% of all profits go directly to the educational charity ABOUTAsia Schools. Siem Reap has been his home for over ten years where his unparalleled insider knowledge has been recognized by Condé Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure, naming him Top Travel Specialist for Cambodia 2013 in their highly coveted list of worldwide travel experts.

    Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Paddling a boat under a beautiful starlit sky to capture images of a stilted village awakening in the early dawn on the Tonle Sap Lake for a UK Newspaper.”

  • Ethan Crowley
  • General Manager: Ethan Crowley

  • Ethan’s peripatetic upbringing in Hawaii, Northeast Cambodia, and the Southeastern United States stoked a never-satiated wanderlust from a young age. Spending the majority of the last 20 years in Cambodia has given him a fluency in Khmer language, an insiders’ perspective on all things Cambodian, and a distinct passion for bringing cultures together. After a film degree took him back to the United States, he returned to his hometown in Cambodia to assist local NGO’s in rural education. Having first experienced a deserted Angkor Wat in 1996, (and having developed an early allergy to large group tours) Ethan is an especially passionate purveyor of the “Angkor without the crowds” approach.

    Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Swimming alone in the crystal-clear waters of Yakloum Crater Lake in Ratanakiri, listening to the calls of wild parrots and monkeys, while watching the sun set in vibrant shades of crimson and amethyst.”

  • Marion Blusch
  • Director of Sales: Marion Blusch

  • Having first set foot to Cambodia in 2003 with a backpack on her back, Marion immediately fell in love with both the wonderful smiles of the Khmer people and their beautiful country. Seeing the magic of Angkor Wat with her own eyes inspired her to discover more of Cambodia’s rich history and dedicate herself to understanding the gulf between the treasures of the ancient Khmer Empire and the more recent sobering past. Having lived and traveled in Cambodia for over 10 years she now calls this country her home, and is continually fascinated by both the everyday life and the inexhaustible scope of new discoveries within Cambodia—with nary a longing for her past life in Swiss banking! Her passion for travel and profound knowledge of Cambodian culture ensure that every itinerary is perfectly tailored.

    Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Riding a dirt bike up Bokor Mountain, exploring the abandoned French casino ruins at the top, and watching the fog creep up the hill and envelop everything.”

  • Tola Sann
  • Agent Sales Manager: Tola Sann

  • Making the move from Project Manager at ABOUTAsia Schools over to the travel desk, Tola knows the philanthropic work and impact of ABOUTAsia thoroughly. A native of Siem Reap, he is inspired to travel at any given circumstance in and outside his homeland: He is still on an unfinished mission to visit all Southeast Asian countries! His love of English – he holds a degree in English Literature - has seen him work both as an English teacher and Translator, prior to settling on sharing his knowledge of his country as an integral member of the Travel team.

    Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Losing myself in the natural beauty of Koh Kong, with its landscape of mountains, waterfall and sea.”

  • Savonn Reang
  • Senior Travel Advisor: Savonn Reang

  • Savonn comes from Cambodia’s second largest city, Battambang, where traditional French colonial tapestry is intertwined with a modern Khmer style. It’s also home to an unofficial Cambodian invention - the ‘bamboo train’. Savonn moved to Siem Reap in 2008 and has worked for ABOUTAsia for 4 years, initially focusing his efforts in the sales support team before progressing to the travel advisory team where he puts great care into designing itineraries. In his spare time, Savonn is undertaking a degree in Business Administration.

    Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Cruising out onto Prek Toal Core Bird Reserve to see the waterbirds and wildlife before kayaking through the floating village on the lake where the houses are all built on bamboo platforms.”

  • Richard Saward
  • Business Development: Richard Saward

  • With more than a decade of experience in the luxury travel industry, including four years with ABOUTAsia Travel in Siem Reap, an enthusiasm to share what he believes are some of the real hidden treasures of Asia, Richard will provide you with an unrivalled level of commitment and service. Now based in the UK, he spearheads development projects in Europe for a proportion of the year, whilst being back in the Far East for the remaining months. Working with a global network of travel industry professionals, bringing new options and ideas to the forefront of bespoke tailored travel experiences. Richard relishes the opportunity to provide not only the exceptionally different, but difficult to arrange travel experiences. Truly believing that ground-breaking, life changing travel can provide more than memories, it can shape in a positive way, life for the better.

    Favourite travel experience: “Motorcycling the back roads of Asia without digital connection. Replicating historians travels with a well worn book and an enthusiastic travel partner”.

  • Sam Ang Yi
  • Director of Guest Experience: Sam Ang Yi

  • Sam Ang has been around since the very beginning of ABOUTAsia. After proving himself in reservations and operations, Sam Ang landed in his current role, where he turns your dreams and our itinerary planning into reality to enable you to experience the best of Cambodia. Sam Ang ensures your itinerary is executed to ABOUTAsia´s exacting standards, mindful of always allowing for flexibility and a change of plan, so you’ll be met even if your flight is delayed! His passion for the travel industry has motivated him to continue his studies, and so in addition to his degree from Ecole Paul Dubrule he now holds a bachelor’s in Tourism Management. Sam Ang digs outdoor adventures, specifically multi-day dirt bike excursions and hiking, and has never lost his love for farming in the Cambodian countryside.

    Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Riding through the Cardamom Mountains in southern Cambodia on an epic dirt-bike trip. 1,600 kilometers; beautiful vistas; unforgettable memories.”

  • Kobra Pen
  • Operations Manager: Kobra Pen

  • Kobra’s passion for the travel industry displays itself in a practical way—he truly loves putting travel arrangements in place! From reserving your perfect hotel choice to arranging an expert guides and managing the logistics of jaunts through Cambodia, Kobra is there every step of the way. He graduated from the prestigious Ecole Paul Dubrule School of Tourism, specializing in operations and customer service, and arriving at ABOUTAsia with a raft of skills and experience in the field. He recently added a degree in Tourism Management to his repertoire. In his spare time, Kobra thrives on adventurous excursions—from jungle trekking to off-road motorcycles in the countryside and everything in between.

    Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Searching for traces of the ancient road which once connected Beng Melea with Preah Khan, and then re-tracing the steps of the Angkorian kings aboard a dirt bike.”

  • Tith Leng
  • Phnom Penh Office Manager: Tith Leng

  • Tith originally hails for the large and populous province of Kampong Cham. A university degree in Hotel and Tourism Management brought him from his hometown of Skun—world famous for a local delicacy: fried tarantulas—to Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh where he has lived and worked ever since. As head of the ABOUTAsia Phnom Penh office, Tith leverages his many years of travel industry experience to ensure a seamless service for discerning guests. In his spare time you will find him tirelessly plying the pitch at the local football club or cycling the many Mekong islands that surround Phnom Penh.

    Favourite Cambodia Travel Experience: “Trekking through the dense protected forest in the Northeastern province of Ratanakiri, listening to nature’s soundtrack: the rustling of leaves and the sounds of wildlife.”

Cambodia travel information and Angkor Wat tour specialists ABOUTAsia are based in Siem Reap just 4km from Angkor Wat. At the heart of the organisation is a guiding research centre providing Cambodia vacation advice and industry leading tours planning.


Peerless service standards and local positioning have made us the tour operator of choice by international luxury travel groups and discerning independent travellers to Angkor Wat, Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

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