Andy Booth

Andy Booth is the owner and CEO of ABOUTAsia. His role is less "hands-on" than in the early days of the company, being mainly involved with systems and business development.

Andy grew up on the England-Wales border, in the Forest of Dean, where his father still farms. He moved on from his Physics degree at Oxford University (Wadham College) to combine a successful rowing career (representing Wales in the Commonwealth Games) and an extremely successful banking career in the City of London.

Why Cambodia?

After retiring from the City, I spent some time travelling the world with my family. Coming to Cambodia I was struck by the numbers of 5* travellers in Siem Reap, visiting Angkor Wat - where so many children just couldn't go to school. I was also struck by how "same same" all of the Angkor tours were: I decided to start a travel company to break that mould, create a company that thought and did things differently, and use the profits to make a difference to the children of Cambodia.



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ABOUTAsia CEO, Andy Booth

Andy Booth.

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