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Sien Kim Pao

Kim Pao is one ABOUTAsia's longest standing members of staff, and has been instrumental in managing our office logistics and maintenance systems since we started operations. Hailing from Trang village in Siem Reap, Kim Pao believes that it's during traditional Khmer festivals that people can learn so much about traditional and religious culture and history. For example, the 'Bon Om Teuk' water festival celebrates the changing of the river flow along the Mekong River, celebrated at full moon during the Buddhist month of Kadeuk, and is especially important in that it represents the changing of the seasons, from wet to dry and vice versa, which is crucial to the lives of people in this country.

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Vorn Sophy

Sophy partners Kim Pao working in operations and is also a long standing member of ABOUTAsia. Sophy comes from Kokchas village in Sasarsadam commune, Puok district, 40km outside of Siem Reap city. Buddhist etiquette and tradition are important elements of Sophy's life. At Khmer New Year for example, Sophy prefers the spiritual traditions of offering gifts and food to the monks, parents and grandparents, to the inevitable partying that follows these rituals. The richness of her country's traditions are something she feels very proud of.

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Soeung So Phalla

So Phalla, from Trang village in Siem Reap, was a monk for 8 years next to the iconic Bayon Temple where he also studied before joining ABOUTAsia. So after a total of 8 years studying as a monk, So Phalla learnt English, Thai and Japanese, before becoming a private driver in Siem Reap town where Chris met him one day and was instantly charmed by his wonderful infectious smile and zest for life. Coinciding with ABOUTAsia's business growth, So Phalla has joined us as a private driver both for all business operations and for clients.

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