Chris Smith

ABOUTAsia Schools is ABOUTAsia's subsidiary charity. Chris Smith now runs ABOUTAsia Schools which was jointly founded by Andy Booth at the same time as ABOUTAsia Travel. In brief, the charity was established to assist the poorest children of Siem Reap province with education opportunities by providing volunteers, materials, uniforms and ad-hoc support to a growing number of schools within the province -

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    Chris has travelled to or lived in no fewer than 98 countries, saving the best until last. A 30 year career with Unilever facilitated a great part of this global expedition, as did a simple inherent love of travel, people and culture. Now Chris has chosen Cambodia to live and work permanently, Singapore (because of the food), came a close second though.

    Why Cambodia?

    "Having promised myself one more adventure, I find myself 2 years later in Cambodia, having realized this country is indeed like no other. The charm, the modesty ,the innocence are just part of what makes Cambodia unique. People are so anxious to please, hungry for knowledge and want so much to make friends with foreigners. No doubt the country is changing in this age of Ipods, computers and Lexus' but Cambodia remains a very special place for me."


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  • Chris Smith

    ABOUTAsia staff - Chris Smith.

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