Hem Sopheak

Sopheak works jointly on both accounts management and sales for ABOUTAsia. Sopheak is Siem Reap born and bred, and has grown up and lived here all his life with his family. After finishing school Sopheak attended the University of Southeast Asia where he studied Business Management. After his graduation he came to join us in at ABOUTAsia.

Why I love Cambodia?

"I love seeing visitors to Cambodia try our food, and the influence of international chefs is starting to make for some very interesting fusion cuisine in the main cities. But despite all this, I'm still very fond of the food with which I grew up, ate with my family and friends, for the memories it has for me. Also for me Cambodia is about nature, and life in the countryside. Cambodia is stunning after the rainy season - lush and green for as far as the eye can see. The people in the countryside are as natural as the land itself, and I love to get out there when the city gets too much."

What would I teach visitors to Cambodia?

"One of the most endearing elements of Khmer culture is our many traditional festivals. We have these all year round, but some of the most important in our culture (and the most raucous) occur during Khmer New Year in the middle of April - a hugely special event for us. They involve group games which might include catching a baby chicken let loose around the garden (needs to be seen to be believed)! But more than this, it gives friends and family a chance to get together, forget about the stresses of life, and let their hair down."



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ABOUTAsia staff: Hem Sopheak

Hem Sopheak in Sihanoukville.

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