Yi Sam Ang

Yi Sam Ang works on our execution team and principally takes charge of hotel and reservation services for ABOUTAsia. Hailing from Banteay Chey village in Siem Reap province originally, Sam Ang came to Siem Reap to study Economic Business and Tourism at the University of Southeast Asia. After completion of his degree Sam Ang came to join ABOUTAsia and has been integral in its development as a business ever since.

Why I love Cambodia?

"Two reasons. Firstly its our broad cuisine - the ingredients and variety which we have are vast, meaning we enjoy delicious dishes on a daily basis. At traditional Khmer festivals classic dishes are served, my favorite (and one which I must say I cook rather well) is 'Sam Lor Broh Ha' - a dish of baby fish sauteed with vegetables and spices. Another important aspect of our culture are our many traditional ceremonies, dating back many centuries, but still very important today. At Phchumben, for example, we give offerings to appease the spirits of the dead so that passed away family shall prosper in the next life. Over 15 days, we have traditional celebrations in pagodas all over Cambodia."

What would I teach visitors to Cambodia?

"Storytelling, usually of folk tales, is steeped in history and Khmer symbolism, and we have many myths and legends which our older generations pass on to the youngsters. We can sit for many hours storytelling, different people with different stories, some more fantastical or mythical than others. These stories will change with the passing of time, and are open to interpretation having been passed down from generation to generation, but they will all have some kind of embedded lesson which we can relate to daily life."



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ABOUTAsia staff: Yi Sam Ang

Yi Sam Ang in Battambang, Cambodia.

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