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Angkor Tour Guides who are experienced, knowledgeable, and above all passionate, make the difference between an interesting experience and a great one. All of our guides are experienced and respected members of their profession - of the many guides who are interviewed (by one of our experienced guides and a native language speaker), only a small fraction meet our standards.

Many pass the exams to qualify as tour guides for the Angkor temples, but very few are good enough for our guests. We have managed to secure some outstanding staff guides, and screen carefully to ensure that the freelance guides that we use meet these high standards, and are trained in our ways of doing things.

Sokvann - former head guide for ABOUTAsia

Sokvann Cheab - Senior Guide

Sokvann was also born in 1979 in Siem Reap and qualified in 2001. Sokvann was instrumental in setting up ABOUTAsia, acting as both Head Guide and Operations Manager. Leaving in 2009 to work at his family guesthouse business, putting his tourism and management degree to work, he still guides for us on a freelance basis.

Kanha - senior angkor guide

Kanha Phum - Senior Guide

Kanha was born in 1980 in Damdek Village, Siem Reap and qualified in 2004, and took additional training alongside Bunchay at Amansara before joining us at ABOUTAsia. Kanha has a business administration degree and is a qualified English teacher, as well as a guide.

Sokuan - senior angkor guide

Sokuan Truy - Senior Guide

Sokuan orignially comes from Kampong Cham, and qualifed as a guide at the age of 21 in 2000. In common with many of our employees, he has taken a degree in English in his spare time, and is an extremely well-read man. Sokuan is one of a group of highly experienced freelance Senior Guides who guide for us.

These excellent guides are in great demand, and daily rates are higher than most guides.

Bunchay - head guide for ABOUTAsia

Chem Bunchay - Head Guide

Bunchay was born in 1979 in Aranh Village, Siem Reap and qualified as a guide in 2001, and has also trained at Amansara. He is currently studying for a law degree in his part-time at Build Bright University, and has spent much of his time with us guiding VIPs. An absolutely outstanding guide, his services are much in demand.

Dara - italian speaking angkor guide

Dara Horn - Italian Guide

Dara is another Siem Reap native, and qualified in 2004. Italian guests beware - Dara is a keen kickboxer, although also a devout buddhist. Dara is our longest-serving Italian speaking guide, and heads a group of regular freelance guides that we use.

Manay - angkor wat guide

Manay Lim

Manay has had an extremely varied career, working in a medical lab, as a dog handler (which he is still involved with) and in landmine clearance, before qualifying as a guide for the Angkor temples in 2002. Unsurprisingly, he has a wealth of good stories!

Buntheon guiding in Mondulkiri

Buntheon Kao

Buntheon ("Hollywood" to his peers!) is one of our younger up-and-coming guides, and we view him as a real talent for the future. Buntheon is particularly good with children, and is experienced in some of the more remote corners of Cambodia.

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