Angkor Wat Tours

Angkor Wat tours: information, routes, timings and costs for tours of Angkor Wat temple and the surrounding temples of the Angkor Archaeological Park, near Siem Reap in northwestern Cambodia.

We generally use the term "Angkor Wat Temple" for the main site. In common with many observers, we often use the term "Angkor Wat" generically to include the greater collection of Angkor-period Khmer temples of the surrounding 400km² Archaeological Park.

Touring Angkor Wat temple

The Basics
Angkor Wat lies 6km north of Siem Reap, and is now served by good roads. It can be visited throughout the year between sunrise and sunset for the basic cost of an entrance pass [single day US$20] plus transport. The temple is usually combined with visits to other nearby Angkor temples, and multiple day passes offer better value for fully exploring the Park.

Improve your visit with a Guide.
You will benefit greatly from using a guide to Angkor Wat, either a good guide book such as Dawn Rooney's "Angkor" or, better, a professional angkor temple guide. These large temples in various states of ruin, are beautiful but you will quickly tire unless you understand their purpose, significance and history. A skilled articulate and (above all, passionate) guide brings the temples, and Cambodia, to life for a visitor.

Having spent so much time and money traveling to get this close you will transform your visit by using the right guide. ABOUTAsia guiding starts at around US$30 per day depending on language and itinerary. All of our guides are interviewed by native language speakers, and tested for knowledge by highly experienced senior guides - it is not possible for a casual visitor to find guides of this calibre.

Timing and Crowd Avoidance.
As the world's largest religious monument and an architectural wonder of the world, Angkor Wat temple can be overun with coach-loads of tourists at the busiest times. Most guide books and temple guides continue to follow established routes and timing of visits, effectively concentrating crowds at the same places at the same times of the day. Our researchers plan your visit to the temples quite differently over your stay, to ensure the optimum times for lighting and crowd avoidance. Other organisations may guess at the best routes and timing; we take the time to measure crowd numbers, test itineraries and understand the best program for any given season.

We want you to gain the very best experience of Angkor Wat: either browse our example tour itinerariess (top-right) or contact us with your requirements. We will respond quickly to help you with a detailed proposal.

All tours created individually for you by our specialists - some examples tours:

sunrise at angkor wat - angkor temple photography with aboutasia

Angkor Wat - through palms

Tours Beyond Angkor Wat

There is more to Siem Reap than Angkor Wat and more to Cambodia than Siem Reap. Photogenic ruins and forest temples, contemporary ways of life in the countryside, farming and fishing communities, the birdlife of the Tonle Sap lake and the unique wildlife of the rainforests - we take the time to understand your interests and will produce an itinerary tailored to your needs and desires.

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