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Banteay Samre does not have a pyramidal form but as our Banteay Samre Plan shows is a flat square, a unique feature. A common route is to enter Banteay Samre from the east, traversing the 200 meter long causeway bordered by a naga balustrade that leads to the eastern gopura of the outer wall. Before you reach the cruciform gopura you will arrive at a laterite terrace, which you need to follow westward, and then through the second gopura to the sanctuary. Originally a moat surrounded the temple and visitors had to wet their feet before entering the temple. The moat is dry nowadays and walking across it you will arrive to the second inner wall formed by a low gallery with pavilions in the corners. Cross this to reach the main temple. The central tower is built of sandstone with porches to the four cardinal points and has rich Buddhist carvings in the upper side.


  • Banteay Samre temple plan. A unique temple hidden in the jungle, Cambodia

    Banteay Samre plan courtesy of Maurice Glaize

    Most tourists follow the above mentioned route but Banteay Samre hides some treasures that our expert team can help you uncover. If you are interested in avoiding the crowds when visiting this temple, please

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