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Bayon is divided into three separate levels. The first and second floors contain galleries rich in bas-reliefs whilst the third or upper floor consists of a cruciform shaped central sanctuary where you can see the signature Bayon faces that have become the Bayon Temple Highlights. A Bayon map will be of assistance when finding your way around. One of the most popular routes is to start your visit from the eastern entrance. Climb the steps to the raised platform and you will reach the first floor gallery with deeply carved bas-reliefs, although they are not as detailed as those at Angkor Wat. Please also note the delicate decoration on the pillars of this floor that depict apsaras dancing on a lotus flower.

The inner gallery is on a different level from the first one. The carvings on this level mainly depict mythical scenes and should be read from right to left in a clockwise direction. The third or upper level is the most architecturally rich and impressive, with the central sanctuary containing 16 shrines and the famous faces of boddhisattva Lokesvara. The four faces on each one of the eight towers, by respectively pointing at the four cardinal points, reinforce the idea that the gods should have an eye over the whole kingdom. The shades will change as the sun moves creating great picture opportunities.

  • Bayon temple. Travel around 10km from Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Bayon Temple

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