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Beng Mealea is not an easy temple to explore and the most adventuorus explorers will enjoy climbing and clambering through its narrow passages and collapsed galleries. Until recently it has remained in its collapsed state and was innaccessible due to landmines but has been now cleared and is open to the public. However, a Beng Mealea Plan and a local guide are essentials to visit this site. There are no obvious routes to access Beng Mealea. One possible route would be to start from the south gate of the outer enclosure which is only a short walk from the main road and make your way walking towards the east until you reach a raised cruciform shaped terrace with circular columns and the remains of a naga balustrade. Continue towards the northeast corner pavilion and round to the north side where you will see a raised room also called a library. If you turn left around this room to the end of the short causeway you can start making your way to the west from where you can exit the temple.

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  • Beng Mealea temple. Travel around 80km from Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Beng Mealea


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