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Neak Pean Temple is small island temple in the middle of a set of ponds which take a cruciform shape - the four smaller lakes joining at the cardinal points. The whole area is set within the North Baray (an artificial lake).The main path that links the temples of Preah Khan and Neak Pean eads you to the north of Neak Pean. You can walk along the edges of the small pond to the main pond where the temple is. You can only reach the sanctuary from the east of the entrances as the other ones have false doors with carvings of Lokesvara. Above the doors, carved pediments depict scenes of Hindu mythology. To the east of the island you can find the delicate statue of a horse rising from the water with statues of humans attached to its body. The horse is saving the people from an island inhabited by a ogress. There are four small chambers attached to the four surrounding ponds. Each one of these chambers can be access from the side and has a fountainhead with different motifs carved on each one.

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  • Neak Pean temple. A beautiful island-temple, Cambodia

    Neak Pean temple


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