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Phimeanakas Temple is located within the walls of the Royal Palace. To reach this temple you can walk over the Elephant Terrace crossing the east Gopura of the enclosure wall of the Royal Palace. You are now in the main entrance to the temple, that consists of a central sanctuary on a tiered platform. One of the most popular routes is to access the temple from the eastern entrance above mentioned. Phimeanakas is the tallest scalable temple in Angkor Thom and if you climb the steep stairways that are on each side of the base you will have a nice view of the Baphuon temple to the south.

To the north of the temple there are two ponds. The smaller to the east, also known as the women's bath, is 4.5 meters deep and has laterite steps. The larger one or men's bath has a wall on the south and west edges. This wall is reachly carved with princes and naga princesses, and above those male and female garudas. You can continue to the west passing the northern gopura and a laterite wall until you arrive to another small pond with a carved wall portraying a procession of people, elephants and horses.

  • Phimeanakas temple plan. Travel around 11km from Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Phimeanakas floor plan, courtesy of Maurice Glaize.

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