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Phnom Bakheng is a temple mountaing constructed on the existing rock, and hence, its raised location makes it a very popular sunset spot amongst visitors. It is located about 1.3 kilometers north west of Angkor Wat, turning left on the main road at Angkor Wat moat. You can start the ascend to the hilltop from the east side of the monument where there is a steep path (about 67 meters high) with some steps. Once you reach the temple you will see that Phnom Bakheng has a tiered base of five levels, measuring 76meters each side. There is a set of steps at each side of the base with lions guarding them at each level.

At the top level there are five santuaries that support five towers arranged in quincux. The center tower has entrances on all four cardinal points whilst the four towers in the corners only have two openings. All the towers sheltered lingas once but they have all been misplaced. The most popular spot at the top is the sooutheastern corner where in a clear day you can easily identify the famous silhouette of Angkor Wat against the sky. Take some time to visit the central sanctuary which is decorated with female divinities at the corners and makaras on the tympanums. The panels above the door are also delicated carvings containing 33 gods. Our Phnom Bakheng plan shows the tidy structure of this mountain temple.


  • Phnom Bakheng. Travel around 8km from Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Phnom Bakheng temple.


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