Preah Palilay Temple Highlights

Preah Palilay Temple undoubtedly has one of the most delightful settings of all the Angkor Temples. To reach the temple you must walk through forest into a peaceful jungle setting which more often than not offers the chance to view the temple alone, sharing only the sounds of the surrounding nature. That is of course if you don't stumble upon monks and nuns from the nearby monastery going about their business which gives the temple a functional, but nevertheless very relaxed ambience.

The laterite tower which has only just been overtaken in height by the surrounding trees is, although in a fairly ruinous state, a nice backdrop to the less decrepit sights within the rest of the temple. The nagas which one will see on the approach to the temple stand out, seven headed, crowned, and with a proud appearance. Around the gopura you can see excellent pediments which display scenes from Buddha's life, and the 'offering of forest animals', the aforementioned forest being Parilyyaka, which later became Palilay.


Bayon temple plan. Travel around 10km from Siem Reap, Cambodia

Preah Palilay Temple

One must mention the large Buddha, depicted sitting on a lotus leaf, as being a significant and attractive element to this temple, although this is a modern addition to Preah Palilay and not part of the original construction.



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