Koh Ker Highlights

Koh Ker Temple is often associated with the image of the imposing pyramidal giant that is Prasat Thom. The most famous monument in the complex, it is a seven tiered pyramid that stands on a 55 square meters base and rises 30 meters high above the plain. It has only access at the east, a steep narrow set of steps that will take you up to the upper tier and originally a 4.6 meters long linga stood proud at the very top of the pyramid. The linga has long now dissapeared bu the breathtaking panoramics views over the jungle will encourage the visitor to climb the wooden ladder to the summit. You will also see the remains of a massive lion that supported the bas for the linga. Garuda sculptures still guard the top of the pyramid, although they are partially covered by foliage.

The second largest structure in this remote temples, Prasat Kraham, shelters some of the most impressive stone carvings in the lintels of the doors, the columns or the doorposts. Originally this monument was renowned for the carved liongs on its walls, but unfortunatelly none of these remain. However, the building's stone archways, libraries, galleries and passages are of admirable beauty. Just to the west of the building you can see the remains of a remarkable statue of the sacred bull Nandin laying on the floor.


Koh Ker. Some of the door carvings are beautifully preserved

Koh Ker temple. Some door carvings are beautifully preserved.

Koh Ker contains some of the largest shiva lingas in cambodia. Some of them are still visible in some of the temples, such as Prasat Thneng (the largest one) and Prasat Leung. The outlet for the water that was purified by running it over the lina is still visible outside one of the temples.




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