Preah Vihear Highlights

Preah Vihear Temple is a masterpiece of Khmer architecture. Its unique blend of sanctuaries linked by pavements and staircases with the spectacular natural landscape make of this temple a site of exceptional quality. The Preah Vihear plan shows an uncommon composition if compared with othe Angkor or remote temples. It is located in a north-south axis extending for 800 meters along the Dangrek Mountain range and it consists of a moat, four enclosure walls increasing in height, gopuras linked by causeways and a central sanctuary. The total height of the temple is 657 meters above sea level, and 547 meters from the plain.

The views from top of the hill are simply breathtaking, affording a view of many kilometers over the Cambodian and Thai plains. The five Gopuras that mark the entrance to the sanctuary are reached by a set of steps and hence they gradually increasing in height. The gopuras block the view of the next part of the temple until you pass through the gate and thus the view of the whole complex is impossible from any point.

  • Preah Vihear - the most spectacular setting in Cambodia

    Preah Vihear - the most spectacular setting in Cambodia.





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