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Koh Ker Temple complex contains 42 buildings and a single day will not be sufficient to see all of it.. However, with the help of a Koh Ker map and a local guide you will be able to explore the most important of these remote temples. You can start your visit at the 182 meters long processional that points to the entrance of the Prasat Thom complex. At both sides of the procesional ways there are buildings called palaces and their function is not clear although they have unusual composition. After the palaces to the west you will see the cross shaped Gopura with two galleries and further ahead two rectangular buildings after which you will come to a laterite wall and the red Prasat Kraham to the east.

Cross the moat and the two successive enclosure walls with Gopuras to both east and west sides and you will have arrived to the central area of the complex. You will see libraries to your both sides. If you turn towards the west a terrace with nine brick shrines will precede the central sanctuary, which consists of a pavilion, a portico and a central shrine. Follow on the west direction you will cross the two enclosure walls via the gopura entrances. Cross the causeway over the moat flanked by a naga balustrade and look in front of you. The imposing pyramidal shape of Prasat Thom is an astonishing view. To the south of the pyramid lies the huge baray called Rahal. Further north of the baray a row of square sandstone towers paralel to the river contain the lingas that are some of the Koh Ker highlights.

Koh Ker temple Complex in Cambodia

Koh Ker temple complex in Cambodia has some 42 buildings.







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