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Preah Vihear extends over an 800 meters long north - south axis. This remote temple is composed of a baray, four enclosure walls that are linked by causeways through the gopuras and increase in height gradually, palace buildings on the third level and the sanctuary on the forth level sitting on the southern end of the complex at the top of the hill. Please see our Preah Vihear plan for reference. One possible route is to start your visit at the northern side of the complex and walk towards the south as you ascend to the top (it is an 800 meters long walk from the norther gate to the central sanctuary).

An eight meters wide and 78 meters long grandiose stone stairway will welcome you at the northern entrance. The steps are carved in the original rock and towards the end of the stairways they become narrower as small terraces appear on each side. You will come across a stone causeway flanked by nagas that end in a stairways of 25 steps directing you to the first gopura. The entrance gopura is unfortunatelly in poor condition and it has a cross shape with four galleries. You are now entering the first level of the complex. Climb the fiew steps that take you to a causeway containing 67 square pillars and to your east you will see the baray with steps that descend to the water. When you arrive to the second gopura and you climb the few steps stop to contemplate the lintel on the southern side of the door depicting the Churning of the Ocean Milk.

  • Preah Vihear - the most spectacular setting in Cambodia

    Preah Vihear floor plan

    Follow the causeway with 41 pairs of pillars and the set of steps until you reach the third gopura. this is the largest and most richly ornated entrance. Another set of steps lead to one last causeway with a naga balustrade to the gopura of the fourth and last level. You are now in the cross shaped central sanctuary. It is reached via two successive courtyards.

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