Preah Ko

Preah Ko - Angkor temples overview

Preah Ko is a delightful temple which consists of six elegant brick towers within its inner enclosure which feature some fine carving decorations, all of which are encased in a much greater outer enclosure. Part of the Roluos group of Angkor temples, the modern name for the temples which were part of the ancient capital city of Hariharalaya, construction was finished in 879-880, under Indravarman I. The temple was built as a Hindu temple, and deities of the temple were dedicated to his three predecessors: Jayavarman II, Rudravarman (grandfather) and Prithivindravarman (father). One of the most beautiful elements to this temple are the inscriptions in ancient Khmer on three of the towers which endorse these dedications. Other features not to be missed are the stone lintels with their intricate lime carvings, the female devatas which adorn the towers, and the three great statues of Nandi, Shiva's sacred bull, which stand facing the 3 south towers.

Preah Ko tour notes

Preah Ko is located very close to the other temples of the Roluos group and the main temple of Bakong is 13.5km from Siem Reap (20 minutes by, 30 minutes by Tuk tuk). Please see our Roluos Group or Roluos map pages for more information.or An expert local tour guide from Siem Reap will ensure you get the very best from your visit and the journey between Siem Reap and the site.

Itinerary planning

  • Preah Ko , Cambodia - best combined with the other temples from the Roluos Group - Lolei, Bakong, Kompong Khleang, a half day out from Siem Reap. Combine with Phnom Krom and/or Chau Srei Vibol for a full day.



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"Stand between Shiva's mighty Nandi and marvel at the towers which Indravarman I dedicated to his forefathers. Over 1000 years of history right there in front of you, it's a sight to behold. "


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