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Bakong, a Roluos group temple, occupies an area 900 meters by 700 meters long and it consists of 3 enclosure walls, 2 moats and a 3 tiered pyramid (please refer to our Bakong Temple plan for further detail). It was the only pyramidal temple constructed in the Roluos group but it would be the model that would be adopted for the later Angkor temples. If you are travelling from Siem Reap, Route 6 crosses into the first enclosure wall and the first moat and will lead you to the edge of the second enclosure wall. A wide stone causeway crosses the second moat and it is framed by a seven headed naga on each side. Follow the path that will take you accross the remains of satellite brick temples on both sides until you arrive to the third wall's eastern Gopura. There are two halls on either side of the main path just before the main sanctuary which are believed to be later additions to the temple (probably from the 12th or 13th century). Ahead of this buildings lies the pyramidal shaped sacturay. There are 4 set of steps on each tier that are flanked by sculpture of lions. The third tier also has elephant statues on the corners of the platform (resembling those of East Mebon).

On top of the pyramid there is a single tower that was constructed later in time. Its pediments portray Shiva dancing on the east side, a scene of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk on the south, Vishnu reclining on the west and the northern pediment depicts a scene from the Ramanayana. You can view the surrounding eight sanctuary brick towers from the upper level.

  • Bakong temple plan. Travel around 14km from Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Bakong plan, courtesy of Maurice Glaize



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