Ta Som Temple Highlights

Ta Som temple is a small temple, but within its smaller dimensions many similarities can be found between itself and Ta Prohm and Banteay Kdei - it is almost a small 'replica' of these larger

  • Angkor Temples. Located north east of Angkor Thom and east of Neak Pean, it has a wonderfully remote settting, away from the crowds, and with continually growing plants and trees which seem more curious to explore every dark corner of the temple than your most avid temple enthusiast! The temple is simple in its layout, compared to other temples which might house subsidiary annexes and buildings: here there are simply three enclosures based around a common center, with only one shrine based at ground level.


  • Carving at Ta Som temple, Cambodia.

    Carving at Ta Som Temple

    A moat surrounds the temple within broken laterite walls, within which are contained the gopura to enter the building. Reminiscent of the Bayon, they are decorated with striking faces which are wonderfully carved into the stonework, and the eastern gopura is intertwined with a sacred fig which has grown through the structure and into the ground. The external wall also is home to some beautiful and welcoming devatas. Once you enter the inner enclosure, it is a tight fit! Long fallen construction blocks obstruct entrances to the library, and to enter the doors and pass through the passageways you must stoop and kneel. This does however add to the charm of the temple, and the isolated decadence of the temple makes for attractive viewing throughout, especially given the silence and serenity of the jungle setting, and the high chance that you will experience it alone. Don't miss the pediments depicting Lokesvara around the eastern enclosure.



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