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East Mebon Temple is located 500 meters northeast of its Twin Temple Pre Rup. It is a tiered pyramid with 5 towers on the upper level arranged in quincunx resembling the mythical Mount Meru. You can access the temple throught the east across two enclosed walls (please see our East Mebon plan for details). The first has a terraced landing that reminds us that the temple was originally constructed as an island in the middle of the Eastern Baray (now dry). A footpath in the interior of the wall leads you to the second wall that contains gopuras in the middle of each side of the square wall. These gopuras have 3 doors each with porches. The lintels are beautifully carved with mythical scenes. The interior of this second wall was once furnished with a series of galleries of which only ruins remain. If you carry on toward the temple you will arrive at the base of the upper level. Tiered stairways are guarded by sculptures of lions, and on arrival at the top you can enjoy the magnificent view.

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  • East Mebon temple. One of the Twin temples, Cambodia

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