Pre Rup Highlights

Pre Rup Temple is the elder of the Twin Temples (the name given to both the Pre Rup and East Mebon Angkor temples), with construction being completed in 961AD. The harmonious colours of laterite, brick and sandstone give the temple a majestic reddish hue which is illuminated and appears to brighten up significantly under sunset and sunrise light. If you do catch Pre Rup at this time, you can also combine views of the temple itself with a hike to the upper terrace to view the sunset over the surrounding plains.


Pre Rup Temple, Cambodia

Pre Rup temple, Cambodia.

When it comes to exploring the temple itself, you will need to seek out one of the four cross shaped gopuras with vestibules on either side within the outer enclosure which accommodates several interesting galleries. This will lead you to the inner gallery where on the east side is located a cistern on which a nandi once sat, and a more detailed selection of long galleries, a distinctive feature of 10th century architecture. As you climb the 3 tiered steps of the pyramid, guarded by lions, you will notice some delicate small shrines on the second tier. On arrival at the top, the majestic central tower, sits proud on its own platform with bas-reliefs of Hindu deities standing guard at the Eastern door, and the other four towers sit at the corners of the structure.



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