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Pre Rup Temple is designed in a very similar fashion to its twin temple East Mebon. It also resembles Mount Meru with its to enclosure walls and a three tiered platform constructed on an artificial mountain that serves as a base for 5 towers set in quincunx, 4 in each corner and one in the middle. You can approach the temple from the east (please see our Pre Rup temple plan for reference) crossing the east gopura of the outer wall. You will notice that at each side of the gopura there are two groups of three towers with the middle one being the most prevalent. There are also long halls built between the two walls that probably served as rest place for pilgrims. After you cross the second enclosure wall you will come to two rooms with high towers known as libraries. It is believed these rooms contained stones with carvings about the nine planets and seven ascetics. You can access the next level via the staircase on each side of the three tiered platform, the east stairway is the least steep. The first tier accommodates 12 shrines containing linga spread along the platform. The five towers at the top are exquisitely decorated.

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  • Pre Rup, One of the Twin temples in Angkor, Cambodia

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