Victory Gate Highlights

Victory Gate is not one of the

  • Angkor temples, but one of the ornate gates of entry into the city of Angkor Thom. Again, similar to East (Death) Gate it is not as popular a point of entry for tourists, unlike the South Gate for example. However it has some equally impressive sights, and the path toward the gate, unsurprisingly named Victory Way, is where the sights of interest start. On the approach the path is lined with staues of gods and demons who watch your every move, and then when you reach the gate itself the huge heads that adorn the structure are very grand. Again these are gods and demons, this time placed in the directions of the four cardinal points, and the three-headed elephants at the base are splendid. Being relatively uncrowded, the elephants, bold sculpted heads, and approach up Victory Way allow you to quite easily picture the scene of the King welcoming home his victorious troops, giving the whole site a dramatic historical significance.


  • Naga balustrade at Victory Gate, Cambodia

    Naga balustrade at Victory Gate



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