Cambodia Beach Vacations

Cambodia boasts some great beaches on its coast - unwind at the small and quiet town of Kep, a short ride from Kampot, or make more of a holiday at the livelier, but still relatively undeveloped, resort of Sihanoukville. Sihanoukville, and the islands in the Gulf of Thailand, are slowly changing as tourists become aware of the great diving and fishing, some fantastic beaches, and Cambodia's welcoming and laid-back attitude - expect to see eco-resorts and 5* beach resorts appearing in the islands over the coming years.

Tourist Attractions - Sihanoukville and the Coast

Sihanoukville is most famous for its beaches, but most visitors are not aware that there is some very high-standard diving available, and that visitors can learn to dive, just snorkel or take shallow taster dives, or take higher level PADI courses out of Sihanoukville. Similarly, sea fishing is available out of Cambodia's only deep water port, and sailing and other watersports can be found at very competitive prices. For more information on the beaches and activities on offer in Sihanoukville, look at our

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    Beach at Kep, Cambodia

    Kep beach

    Visitors to the sleepy coastal town of Kep and the nearby riverside Kampot, should not expect so much in the way of modern tourist developments - they are, however, wonderfully relaxed towns, where great seafood and uncrowded beaches are the main attractions. Although undergoing developoment, as with most of Cambodia, Kep and Kampot are great places to finish your Cambodian travels - after the temples of Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, the busy city of Phnom Penh and the wilds of Mondulkiri, many visitors finish their Cambodia travels with two or three days to just unwind by the coast. For more information, check out the

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  • Sihanoukville and Coast Hotels

    Hotels on the coast can be variable in number and quality, but we make sure that you will be staying in the

  • best beach hotels that Cambodia can offer, and constantly review new hotels and resorts. Sihanoukville boasts some luxury beach resorts, particularly the Sokha Beach Resort and Independence Hotel, as well as a range of lower range hotels and guesthouses, and accommodation on the islands is very basic. New developments are underway, and in planning, and expect visitor numbers to increase further as more high quality accommodation becomes available. Further along the coast, Knai Bang Chatt is a beautiful boutique hotel of international standards, boasting an infinity pool overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, while the Veranda Natural Resort is in a wonderful hillside location overlooking the sea, with a real forest feel.

    Sihanoukville and Kep-Kampot Travel Tips

    Sihanoukville, Kep and Kampot offer some great dining and drinking establishments, but we can tell you where the best ribs in Cambodia can be found, where to find a really good samosa, or where the tapas can be found. Insiders knowledge makes all the difference when looking for the best of

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