Bokor National Park

Officially known as Preah Monivong Park, Bokor was established by Royal decree in 1993 and is one of 23 protected areas in Cambodia. Bokor is part of a range of mountains & forests that form the Elephant Mountains. The park spans an area of about 1580 square kilometers, bordering the Cardomom Mountain Range in the East, Kirirom National Park in the North, and ending less then a kilometer from the coastline in the South.

Bokor includes a wide variaty of flora and fauna. Much of the forest is moist evergreen, but there is alo a wide variaty of ferns and other endemic flora, along with mixed deciduos in the north. The presence of large mammals such as elephants, tigers, leopards, sun bears, and Asian deer have been confirmed in addition to a important population of gibbon. Over 300 species of bird are recorded as well, including endangered spieces like the green peafowl and the chestnut-headed partridge and several spieces of hornbill.

Along with the beautiful forests there are several other attractions for visitors to see, probably the most exciting of which is the Popokvil Waterfall, a double tiered waterfall that is accessible via a attractive 30 minute walk through the woods. The upper falls are 15 meters high and have good swimming opportunities, while the lower falls are 18 meters high, but are harder to reach. On Bokor hill there is the ranger station and a impressivly foreboding ruin of an abandoned casino.

How much does a visit cost?

A $5.00 US (20,000 rie) entry fee is required at the park, which provides the rangers with much needed revenue to combat illegal activities, such as poaching and illegal logging, and have a sustainable income.
Bokor mountain, kampot cambodia

Bokor Hill

When should I go, and how long do I need?

This year! - Before a new casino is built on top of it. Allot a least a day to access the different sights and to enjoy the scenery.

What else can I do / see there?

The Dramatically placed Wat Sampov Pram, the old summer palace of King Norodom, the clear water of the Teuk Chhu River and an impresssive view of the Cambodian coastline.



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