Rabbit Island - Koh Tonsay

As you aproach Rabbit Island on the boat from Kep, you will be welcomed by a long stretch of sand lined up with palm trees and swaying hammocks located in a calm bay. Does it sound inviting? This is Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay), a relaxed paradise only 4.5 kilometers southwest of mainland Kep. It gets its name from its rabbit-like shape (according to the locals, although not so obvious for most of us). Koh Tonsay is still undeveloped and although it is becoming popular amongst tourists as a day trip from Kep, it is still an oasis of calm compared to other beaches in the country.

Only seven families inhabit Rabbit island, who make their living from fishing, catching crabs and growing coconut trees as well as from the small tourist trade. It is possible to stay overnight in one of the locally run bungalows (US$5 - US$10 per night), but the accommodation is very basic: bamboo huts, mattresses and mosquito nets (with an outside toilet). You can laze around on the bamboo plartforms, read, swim in the shallow waters, have a seafood feast, particularly crab, or simply relax and do nothing. Snorkeling is particularly good. Apart from the main 250 meter palm-lined beach with its stunning sunset views, there are other two smaller beaches on the southern end of the island, and it is possible to walk around it. The island's interior consists of forest and jungle.

How much does a visit cost?

The return trip on boat from mainland Kep costs between US$10 to US$20 dollars (per boat, not per person). Accommodation in the island ranges from US$5 to US$10 per night.

What else can I do / see there?

Due to its shallow clear waters Koh Tonsay is great for snorkeling and swimming. Also, it is possible to ask a local fisherman to arrange a fishing trip or a cruise around the deserted islands and hidden bays in the area.

Rabbit island in Cambodia

Rabbit island in Cambodia

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