Beaches around Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville beaches are the main attraction of this coastal town that sits in the center of a small peninsula in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Surrounding the peninsula, 6 beaches (easily accessible from the town center) line the shore. Some of them are very popular with young backpackers, others are very quiet and ideal for a relaxing holiday, and there are also beaches that are popular amongst locals. Each one with a distinctive personality, they are gaining reputation as a fine seaside destination.

Sokha Beach

This private beach belongs to the exquisite 5-star Sokha Beach Resort and is in our opinion, the nicest beach in Sihanoukville. Over a kilometer long of white sand and shallow clear waters, this beach is usually fairly quiet and you will not be disturbed by local hawkers selling food or souvenirs. Instead, you will find upscale beach restaurants run by the resort. The beach is also open to the public in exchange of a small fee (around 6,000 Riel) and for extra you can use some of the resort facilities.

Otres Beach

This is our second favourite beach after Sokha beach. Located at the southwestern point of the peninsula after Ochheuteal, it is about 15 minutes outside the town center. Otres stretches over three kilometers of white sand and pine trees, and due to its more secluded location it is far less developed and far less quiter than Ochheuteal beach. However, you will find basic accommodation and beach shaks that offer seafood. Also, you can rent kayaks, sailboats and canoes from this beach.

Occheteaul and Serendipity Beaches

Occheteaul is the most popular and touristic beach in Sihanoukville, followed by Serendipity beach, which is located at Occheteaul's northern end. These beaches get very busy with tourists and the three kilometers of narrow sandy strip are filled with beach stands and chairs and seafood shacks or bars that open late into the night and regularly host beach parties. These beaches are within a 5 minute motorbike ride from town and across the street from the beach you will find a wide choice of accommodation from basic guesthouses to mid range hotels.

Ream National Park, Cambodia

Beach at the Ream National Park

Victory and Hawaii Beaches

At the western side of town, at the bottom of Victory Hill, you can find Hawaii beach to the south of the hill and Victory beach to the north. Victory beach is a nice little beach that offers the best sunset views in town. A distinctive feature of this beach is the Airport Club, a bar/club that contains a real twin engine airplane. At the top end a small pier offers to end boats for hire. At the farther end of the bewch three upscale seafood restaurants offer an alternative to the seafood shacks scattered along the beach. Hawaii beach also has its share of umbrellas and chairs but is much less busy that Serendipity beach and it is very popular with locals.

Independence Beach

Independence beach is a 1 km long sandy narrow strip guarded by the 7 storey The Independence Boutique Resort and Spa at the top of the rocky cliff. Most of the beach was closed at the time of writing this page due to a development project and only the southern and northern ends of the beach remain open.

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