Fishing around Sihanoukville

Fishing, as well as one of its main economic activities, is one of Sihanoukville's attractions. The warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand are home to a wide range of fish, amongst them the cherished barracuda. For the fishing enthusiasts Sihanoukville offers a wide range of fishing trips: there are half day trips on board of an outfited traditional Cambodian fishing boat which includes refreshments for about $15 per person. There are 2 to 3 day fishing cruises on board of luxury motoryachts which includes island hoppings for those who really want to make a holiday from it. And there is the opportunity to hire a private small long tail boat and a driver for $50 per day. All these services are available in all the baches in Sihanoukville and are run by numerous tourist operators so it is not difficult to arrange a fishing trip either before you arrive or once you are in Sihanoukville.


The best time for fishing in Cambodia is during the dry season, and some of the best islands for fishing include Koh Khteah, Koh Ta Kier or Koh Chraloh.

sihanoukville boat

Sihanoukville boat - clear waters


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