Sihanoukville Hotel Accommodation

Cambodia has an increasing range of luxury and boutique hotels along its South Coast now that the beaches of Sihanoukville are attracting more foreign visitors. While still relatively undeveloped compared to the big Thai beach resorts, money is being invested in developing modern international standard beach hotels and resorts in the Sihanoukville area. Luxury hotels such as the

  • Sokha Beach Resort and the
  • Independence Hotel are very popular with luxury travellers.

    With the imminent opening of the Song Saa private island villas, luxury accomodation in Sihanoukville will reach new heights of intimacy and this will provide even finer stays then has yet been seen on the coast.


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  • Sihanoukville; home to pristine beaches & beautiful islands. The

  • beaches of Sihanoukville are tropical. This means white sand, and blue crystal clear water. Escape to Otres beach where development is in the earliest phases, and a kilometer long white sand crescent backed with several relaxed and restaurants and bars awaits.

    Sihanoukville Tourist Attractions

    Sihanoukville attractions are simple: it is a beach town. Sihanoukville grew up around the deep water port that was opened in 1960 - the builders of the port and their families became the city's first inhabitants. While the port is vital for Cambodia's trade, Sihanoukville is now a growing beach resort town, popular with backpackers fleeing the highly developed Thai beaches, locals on holiday or honeymoon, or 5* travelers to Cambodia wanting to finish their stay off with a few days at a luxury Cambodia beach resort.

    Sihanoukville is a haven for watersports, try

  • sailing, kayaking or for thrill-seekers jet-skiing. To get away from it all visit one of the nearby
  • islands of Sihanoukville and spend a day fishing in the clear waters or even stay overnight in a private beach chalet. If you've more time
  • dive the stunning coral reefs and even get your PADI certification. Also several boat tour companies are availible to take you on day tours (or several days) to the outlying islands. There are "party boats" which are great for adult travellers and other trips which are more suitable for families.

    Sihanoukville Travel Tips

    We would be lying if we claimed that Sihanoukville is the shopping mecca of Cambodia - people visit Sihanoukville to relax by the sea. Great beaches, crystal clear sea, watersports, lively nightlife and enjoying the freshest seafood in beachside restaurants all feature as highlights of any vacation in Sihanoukville.

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