Bamboo Train

Bamboo Train travel must be seen to be believed. A journey taking in the surrounding Battambang attractions is well worth it, and you'll inevitably take in some remarkable countryside on your way.

The bamboo train is a somewhat unofficial invention, used to supplement unreliable Cambodian rail network, sharing the usual rail lines of course. Should traffic be particularly busy at a certain time, ie another train is coming right towards you, you simply take everything off and dismantle, let the other vehicle pass, and then put it back together again and carry on with your journey - powered by a single motorcycle engine these are a model of efficiency. Bamboo trains are used in a number of locations to carry groceries, farmyard animals or motorbikes.

How much does a trip cost?

Prices are subject to change and you will need to bargain a price with the driver. You should expect to pay around US5 - 6 for half an hour.

When should I go, and how long do I need?

It's not easy to predict when they will be running, but most guides or drivers will have a good idea. Rumour has it that there are plans for the renovation of the Cambodian rail network, meaning an end to the bamboo train, but so far there have been no developments. So for now, half an hour during the day taking in the countryside as you go will suffice.

There is also a bamboo train running in the Kep area - ask us for details if you are interested

Bamboo Train

Bamboo Train

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