Battambang Hotels

Battambang Hotel accomodation has improved in number and quality over the last few years. There are no large luxury hotels as in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, but there are several lovely boutique hotels that are pleasant and intimate, and perhaps more appropriate to a working Cambodian city that is not centered on the tourist trade.

Cambodia Travel has become a popular option for independent travelers, and the large hotel booking websites may seem to have very competitive rates. For these small hotels, especially, we know which individual rooms (at the same price) are best - so take advantage of our contract rates and local knowledge.

Battambang Hotels - our preferred options


Bambu is a 2010 addition to the Battambang hotel scene, and we feel that this English-Khmer owned and run boutique resort is a lovely little property, tastefully designed and decorated, with a restaurant serving very good food at reasonable prices. Bambu is now our accommodation of choice in Battambang.

Bambu hotel in Battambang

Bambu, Battambang

La Villa

La Villa in Battambang is a little boutique hotel set in a colonial house built in the 1930s. The owners have renovated the building maintaining its colonial style and furnishing it exquisitely with art deco and antiques. This is the longest established boutique hotel in Battambang, but is currently suffering from nearby building work.

Phka Villa

Phka Villa resort (formerly the Rottanak Resort) in Battambang is a complex of ten bungalows with terrace facing the pool in a peaceful area of Battambang.

Stung Sangke

Stung Sangke Hotel in Battambang is a large modern 3* hotel, recently refurbished, and we feel is the best of several 3* hotels in Battambang, offering a good level of amenities and service.

Khemara I

Khemara 1 Hotel in Battambang is another newly built 3* hotel, and an alternative to the Stung Sangke.

Au Cabaret Vert

Au Cabaret Vert opened in 2010, and this Franco-Khmer owned and run "eco-resort" has a unique character, with its naturally filtered pool and garden feel. We do think that this is the best restaurant in town, with a good wine list. If the accommodation is full (and there are just 6 rooms, then we would suggest taking lunch or dinner in their large open-air restaurant.

Au Cabaret Vert Resort, Battambang

Au Cabaret Vert, Battambang

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