Battambang Circus

Battambang Circus is one of the most worthwhile Battambang attractions both in terms of having a great evening out, but also as the scheme is of great benefit to the local community of Battambang. The circus is very similar to many in the west with shows featuring the likes of tightrope walkers and people performing other insane stunts, but the basis behind the circus is more far-reaching than this. It was set up by the NGO Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS) to help disadvantaged young individuals gain the opportunity to use their creative expression and talent while learning skills which they can earn a living from in the meantime. The emphasis is on gaining confidence and thus personal development through creativity and freedom of expression. The NGO also encourages other forms of art aside from the circus.

The kids who work for the circus are trained by professionals and when they're not practising, they're performing! Twice a week you can visit the circus and see an impressive selection of tricks and performances including acrobatics, clowns, trapeze and tightrope walkers, musicians, unicyclists and people jumping through hoops of knives or fire! The atmosphere is dramatic and we really recommend this as a way to see contemporary Cambodian culture at it's best.


Please note that also in Cambodia there is a nomadic circus which will visit all areas of Cambodia on an ad-hoc basis, and after each show they sell contemporary and traditional medicines at cut-price to local communities which if you are lucky enough to see we highly recommend also.

Battambang Circus

Battambang Circus

How much does a visit cost?

To see the circus for an evening performance will cost US8 for adults and half for children (under 6 go free).

When should I go, and how long do I need?

Circus shows take place on Thursday and Sunday evenings beteween 7pm and 8pm. The doors to PPS are open any time to take alook at their work and projects. .


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