Tatai Waterfall

Tatai Waterfall is a large rocky cascade located amidst a lush jungle setting in the Tatai river, Koh Kong province. Although the watefall flows all year, in the dry season it is possible to swim in the naturally formed pools at the bottom of the cascade and due to the low flow of water it is possible to walk accross the ledge. In the wet season the river flows in all its might and the watefall is more spectacular with the enraged white foamed waters running over a fall 4 meters long.

The water of the river is very clear as the source originates in the Cardamom mountains where the human settlements are scarce. You can reach the waterfall by boat or by road, although if you take the boat, the whole trip to the waterfalls is very pleasant and you will see amazing scenery along the way. The trip from the Tatai bridge to the waterfall takes about an hour (by slow boat).

How much does a visit cost?

You can either use the community boat to get to the waterfall which costs US$15 for a half day (although the drivers do not speak English and will not be able to guide you) or take a private boat from one of the eco resorts in the area, although prices are a lot higher and vary depending on the eco resort you choose.

When should I go, and how long do I need?

If you take the community boat from the Tatai bridge you will have an hour long ride to the waterfall and another hour long ride back, so we would recommend to allow around three hours for the visit. You will need a whole day to do the trip from Koh Kong town.

Tatai Waterfall in Koh Kong

Tatai Waterfall in Koh Kong

What else can I do / see there?

If you are coming from Koh Kong town we would not recommend to cram too many activities in one day, as you will probably need a whole day to travel there and back. If you are staying in one of the eco resorts in the area you can do some Kayaking along the river.



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