Kompong Luong

Kompong Luong is one of the largest floating villages in the beautiful backdrop of Tonle Sap and a unique Cambodian tourist attraction . Once you pass the mouth of Tonle Sap, it is found at around 30 kilometers into the lake on its southwest shore. However, the exact location of the village changes according to the season: in the wet season the village is moved to the banks in order to avoid the storms, and in the dry season it is moved into the open lake as the water level gets lower. A floating village should have between 1 and 4 meters of water beneath its bamboo foundations.

Kompong Luong is not a village, but an entire comune of 5 floating villages int he Pursat province of Cambodia. As the other floating villages in the country, this settlement started as a small fishing village as the fish is the main source of protein in the country and the land comes at a price. Nowadays, Kompong Luong is habited by about 1,200 families, bringing the total population to about 7,000 people. The villages are therefore equipped with the services you would faind anywhere, such as petrol stations, schools, shops, amrkets, hospitals, garages, restaurants, etc. Due to its more remote location, this village does not receive as many visitors as other floating villages.

How much does a visit cost?

There is no entrance fee to the village itself, but you'll need to take a boat to get there. Boats from the nearest port in Pursat town cost US$3 to US$5 depending on the number of people.

Kompong Luong

Kompong Luong

When should I go, and how long do I need?

Kompong Luong is at its best in the wet season when the water level rises and makes navigation much easier. In the dry season, during March to July, the boats may ecounter some difficulties when crossing the lake due to low water level. Two hours will be enough to visit the floating villages and arrive back to dry land.



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