Mondulkiri Tourist Attractions

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sen monorom, mondulkiri

Sen Monorom

Sen Monorom is the provincial capital of the Mondulkiri province. If you don't have long in the province, passing through this town which sits high up in this mountainous region of northern Cambodia, you can at least enjoy the views and gaze out at the surrounding jungles, lakes, and waterfalls of the region. As for extended stays, there is accommodation, restaurants, and all tours can be organized from here.

monorom falls, mondulkiri

Monorom Waterfalls

Monorom Falls is the name given to a stunning three stage set of waterfalls, the most impressive is an energetic fall 9 meters in height and 5 meters wide. Located just 5 kilometers outside of the provincial capital after which it is named, the journey along the track to the waterfall takes in beautiful scenery and coffee and rubber plantations. The locals consider this place as their town swimming pool, and you will often stumble across people from the town getting away from it all and enjoying a picnic here. If you go to Mondulkiri we recommend you visit this Cambodia tourist attraction. .

elephant trekking, mondulkiri

Elephant Experience

Walk through jungles into a secluded valley that is "Heaven" for elephants. ELIE (Elephants Livelihood Initiative Environment) is a short distance from Sen Monorom, and offers a safe protected environment for elephants to roam in freedom. An unforgettable chance to join these animals in a natural setting.

bou sraa falls, mondulkiri

Bou Sraa Falls

The Bou Sraa Falls are located on the outskirts of the province, 45 kilometers from the provincial capital of Sen Monorom, but well worth a visit. Crossing rivers and driving through jungle tracks, tropical rainforest and rubber plantations lining the road to the site, the journey is exhilirating, and on arrival you'll be greeted by a dramatic waterfall which can reach 25 meters in height and 20 meters in diameter set within an idyllic setting. There are many freshwater pools to bathe in also.

mondulkiri minority groups

Minority Groups

Eighty percent of the population of Mondulkiri are tribal minority groups unique to the region, only the Jarai minority group can be found in neghbouring Ratanakiri also. It's these unique generations who've made the province what it is today, a unique cultural melting pot where tribal groups learn to adapt to newer traditions, and modern living techniques sometimes take a step back and give precedent to long-standing ways of life. Language, appearance and tradition all vary significantly from group to group in the province, some people will not know a word of the Khmer language.

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