Elephant Experiences

Elephant Trekking is available in a number of spots in Cambodia, but ABOUTAsia is proud to offer an experience with ELIE, giving a small number of visitors the chance to spend a day with elphants in their natural environment. ELIE have secured a protected valley (the Elephant Valley Project), where elephants roam in their natural environment. Visitors may not ride them, but may walk with them through the forest, wash them in watering holes and enjoy the company of these magnificent animals with dignity.

Please note, for elephant trekking, we now recommend the Elephant Village in Luang Prabang.

How much does it cost?

Costs associated with visiting are mainly due to the transport to and from Mondulkiri - it is a full day travel to and from Phnom Penh. ELIE itself is approximately 60USD and open from Monday till Saturday.

When should I go, and how long do I need?

At any time of the year the region is wonderful. At the height of the rain season there may be paths which cannot be taken due to water running through. Comfort is the main factor - appropriate dress for heat and/or rain is needed (although the rain will not be cold!).

We recommend this as a half day activity - you will be walking through the forest in the heat - although some people ask to stay longer.

elephant emerging from the forest, Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Crossing the river with elephants, Mondulkiri, Cambodia

What can I see?

Monorom Falls, Bou Sra Falls, Coffee Plantations and traditional Cambodian villages and minority groups can all be found within the region. The deeper into the jungle you go the more remote and untamed it will appear.


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