Sen Monorom - Overview.

Sen Monorom is one of the truly authentic

  • Cambodia tourist attractions which conjures up a completely different image of Cambodia than you might be accustomed to. Bordering Vietnam, Mondulkiri is on the eastern extreme of the country, high above the rest of Cambodia, and it offers quite simply some of the most majestic and dramatic views of Cambodia, which may evoke ideas of Switzerland, Canada or the lake district of England with the green mountainous views all around - it's an effortless and natural beauty. Sen Monorom is the capital, but we must remember that 'capital' in this region does not have the same connotations as in other places! It's one of the quietest towns in Cambodia, and is more a maze of trodden tracks and carts than screeching motorbikes and pick-up trucks. The region is home to many different tribal minorities, and their way of life is very traditional - tourism has not changed their ways one bit. The town and region are a nature lover's paradise. Elephant trekking, visiting waterfalls, swimming in lakes, scaling mountains or exploring dense jungle which will keep any visitor busy. For the more casual visitor, simply meandering through the town's narrow roads will fascinate you, watching the locals go about their business, greeting you with smiles and perhaps the odd extended inquisitive stare!

    Trekking opportunities are numerous in the region with many spectacular routes taking in a wide range of natural attractions - ususally these will commence in Sen Monorom. The wide variety of tribes who inhabit the region also share different religious views, and some very interesting and ancient traditions still exist. Animalism is practised by the Phnom tribe - if you've a strong stomach, ask your guide if a buffalo sacrifice is taking place nearby!

  • Sen Monorom city in Mondulkiri

    Sen Monorom city in Mondulkiri

    How much does a visit cost?

    There is no cost to visit the town. Guides to visit the region in more detail can be arranged from here. Some sites are free and some surrounding areas are within national parks and have an entrance fee.

    When should I go, and how long do I need?

    At any time of the year the region is beautiful. After the rainy season however lakes, rivers and waterfalls will be at their most impressive due to the higher volume of water. Jungle regions may be more greeen also.

    What else can I see?

    Monorom Falls, Bou Sra Falls, Coffee Plantations and wonderful rustic Cambodian villages and minority groups can all be found within the region.


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