Ratanakiri Tourist Attractions

trekking and walking in ratanakiri

Trekking and Walking

So you're on a hot sticky bus in the middle of the Cambodian jungle when you spot a red-crested gibbon staring right at you to the backdrop of a picture perfect Cambodian sunset over the jungle. Unfortunately the driver isn't so enthused, and a photo stop is absolutely out of the question. It's times like these when trekking or walking tours are an absolute must, and if you need to stretch your legs, there are thousands of kilometers of Cambodian mountains, temples, fields, beaches or even cities in which you can roam until your heart's content, taking in the beautiful country at your own pace.

yaklom crater lake, ratanakiri

Yaklom Crater Lake

Yaklom Crater Lake is as majestic as it sounds, a vast lake which can be found within a crater - an extinct volcanic crater to be precise, surrounded by resplendent forest. Refreshment at it's absolute best - 800 meters in diameter and 40 meters deep - jump in to the crystal clear waters of Yaklom, the instant invigoration will soon make you forget you've walked 10 kilometers to get here. A must do Cambodian tourist attraction if you come to Ratanakiri.

ka tien waterfall, ratanakiri

Ka Tieng Waterfall

Ka Tieng Waterfall is located in Cambodian jungle, and has to be accessed by crossing through some of the region's many rubber plantations and then through jungle for the last phase. Its location is sublime - the pool at the base of the 10 meter high waterfall and the surrounding areas is shaded by forest and you can relax here in the sublime surroundings, breaking for a refreshing dip and natural shower as you please.

banlung, ratanakiri


Banlung, the capital and hub of the province where the action happens. OK, maybe this is a slightly ambitious description, but as Ratanakiri gets to grips with tourism, the town is adapting accordingly. There are local and western bars and restaurants and a surprisingly high standard of accommodation available. The central market is a must - watch farmers and gem dealers tussle for trade in this energetic market in the center of town. From Banlung, all travel within the region can be arranged.

virachay national park, ratanakiri

Virachay National Park

Virachay National Park is a site of spectacular beauty located in Ratanakiri province and bordering both Laos and Vietnam. This government and ASEAN protected national park is a truly one of Mother Nature's gardens. There are waterfalls, rivers, streams, fields, jungle, and mountains to explore. And inhabiting these places are the likes of bears, tigers, leopards, primates and all manner of exotic birds.

ratanakiri minority groups

Minority Groups

Ratanakiri (and Mondulkiri) is home to a great number of indigenous minority groups who've inhabited these lands for thousands of years, also referred to frequently as hill-tribes as they've adapted to living in these mountainous regions. From the Jarai to the Tompuon to the Kreung ethnicities, many of their customs might seem alien to us, but there ways of living have existed for centuries and they are the heart and soul of these wonderful regions who will welcome you like old friends.

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