Banlung - Overview.

Banlung is probably the best base from which to explore most of the

  • Cambodia tourist attractions which are found in Ratanakiri province. It's the capital of the region, and has accommodation to cater for all tastes. Not only does being in Banlung open the gates to the surrounding countryside, there is a great deal to explore within the town itself. One place which stands out as contradicting the tranquil image of Ratanakiri would have to be the local market, a major hub of activity best viewed in the mornings. Market vendors scurry around excitedly here, including hill tribes from nearby villages who carry baskets on their backs, and miners from a nearby mine carved out of the forest bring recently excavated gems to sell here. The town has an extremely welcoming feeling, while at the same time appearing to stay quintessentially Cambodian, simply taking the influx of tourism in its stride.

    Banlung is also famous for its rubber plantations located on the outskirts of the city and forming gateways to the more remote areas of the province as a whole. Also there is Wat Rahtanhahram and it's spectacular views from the reclining Buddha at the top. Waterfalls, lakes and national parks make up just a few of the nearby Ratanakiri attractions.

  • Banlung market in Ratanakiri, Cambodia

    Banlung market in Ratanakiri

    How do I get here?

    There was an airport in Banlung but use of the airport is currently suspended. Travel to the region is only available overland via public bus, private bus, private car or for the more adventurous, motorbike. The good news is that the road from Stung Treng to Banlung is now fully sealed, bringing this journey time down to a week.

    What else can I see?

    Yaklom Crater Lake, Virachey National Park, Ka Tieng Waterfall, and a whole host of wonderful pictureque villages and friendly minority groups should be a start. Otherwsie hop on a motorbike and go further afield crossing rivers and exploring through virgin jungle. Tell us what you find...


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