Virachay National Park - Overview.

Virachay National Park is one of the most important national parks found in Southeast Asia. Located 45 kilometers south of

  • Banlung, the provincial capital of the province, this is one of the
  • Cambodia tourist attractions not to be missed as part of a trip to Ratanakiri province. The park is immense, and is the biggest in Cambodia, comprizing 3,325 square meters. Located in northeastern Cambodia, the park is on the border of Laos and Vietnam and was actually a crucial thoroughfare during the
  • American War. Nowadays it's home to remote tribes and spectacular wildlife and scenery, and there are some formidable creatures which it's not rare to catch a glimpse of when you visit the park. Some of these include tigers, leopards, bears, wild dogs, gibbons, and are vast array of wild birds, including brightly couloured parrots and the great hornbill. There are many areas where you can hike through the jungle, cross rivers by boat or by foot, and spend the night with hill tribe villagers.

    Although the park is now an ASEAN heritage park and protected by the government in a plan to conserve the country's precious wildlife, Cambodia is a poor country and the opportunities for illegal logging are taken up by many locals which endangers the wildlife and ecosystems of the national park. Please make sure you use a certified guide and are sensitive to the natural habitats of the park.

  • Virachay National Park in Ratanakiri, Cambodia

    Virachay National Park in Ratanakiri

    How much does a visit cost?

    It's free to visit the park. The park is undoubtedly best visited in the company of a knowledgeable guide. Adventures in the national park can be arranged for one day or multiple days depending on what you want to see and how long you wish to spend in each part of the park.

    What else can I see?

    Yaklom Crater Lake, Ka Tieng Waterfall are just two of the region's many points of interest. The national park is home to Tompuon, Kreung and Jarai minority groups.


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