Russian Market - Overview.

Russian Market, Central Market, River Market, Night Market... we can understand you being quite unsure which of all the markets in Cambodia are worth your while. Some are not it’s fair to say. The Russian Market however most certainly is one of the best of the Phnom Penh attractions to be found. Built back in the communist era of early 1980’s Russia, it’s given its name due to the fact that a significant number of residents of Phnom Penh were Russians and many of Moscow’s Cold War goods were stocked in this market.

Nowadays this has all changed of course, and now you can buy some of the best Cambodian products in the way of quality clothes, gifts, souvenirs, and then of course, fake CD’s and DVDs galore! The stalls here are numerous and sell bright, high quality silk clothing and decorations, stone and wooden artefacts for home and garden, artwork, pottery and a whole range of other handcrafted items. Navigating the market can be tricky and we’d recommend giving yourself at least an hour to see it all, but persevere, as around every corner each isle and stall will have something different.

How much does a visit cost?

It’s free to visit the market, avoiding the persuasive vendors is the difficult bit...

When should I go, and how long do I need?

Anyitme of the day is good to visit the market, but like any market, the morning is when you’ll see it at it’s busiest. Around an hour, maybe more, will suffice to see everything here.

What else can I see?

The National Museum or Wat Phnom are located nearby within the center of town. Further afield are other sites of interest such as Ta Mao Zoo or the Killing Fields.

Russian Market

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