Silver Pagoda - Overview.

The Silver Pagoda occupies one of the 3 main compounds within the famous

  • Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. It's one of the main Phnom Penh attractions in itself and probably the highlight of a trip to the Royal Palace, it's most significant feature being the Royal Temple referred to as Wat Preah Keo, which in Khmer means 'Temple of the Emerald Buddha', and indeed housed within the temple is a baccarat Buddha dating from the 17th century which is encrusted with 2086 diamonds - a beautiful statue dedicated to the worship of Buddha. The Temple is given its present day name because of the silver floors that decorate the floor of the temple (once upon a time the temple's floor was adorned with 5000 silver tiles).

    The gardens of the compound in which the Silver Pagoda is located are impressive also, as the Pagoda itself sits proud and haughty amid a selection of uniquely beautiful religious and more functional buildings, all ornately decorated nevertheless, which include shrines, stupas, and galleries. Royal ceremonies are performed in the pagoda, as are sermons delievered by monks.

    How much does a visit cost?

    The Royal Palace costs US6.25 for access to all the buildings in the entire site and the Silver Pagoda is located in one of the three main compounds of the palace.

    When should I go, and how long do I need?

    The Royal Palace is open all day long, and can get quite busy. We'd recommend allowing around half an hour to explore the Silver Pagoda and it's surrounding buildings.

    What else can I see?

    The rest of the palace of course! Also, the Russian Market or National Museum are located nearby within the center of town. Further afield are other sites of interest such as Ta Mao Zoo or the Killing Fields.

  • Silver Pagoda

    Silver Pagoda

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