Cooking Class

Cooking Class enthusiasts will be delighted by Cambodia's variety of traditional dishes and culinary gems which you can learn to make for yourself under the guidance of some of Cambodia's best chefs. Cooking classes are rapidly becoming one of the most popular Siem Reap attractions as great restaurants, great local and international chefs, and all round increased acclaim for Cambodian food continue to be on the rise. Owing to a rich agricultural heritage and climate which yields excellent ingredients unique to the tropics, it's unsurprising that the best of Cambodian cuisine rivals that of its Southeast Asian neighbours, and even its contemporaries across the world.

Amok, nem (Khmer Spring rolls) or Lok Lak are part of a long list of mouthwatering dishes that you can learn to make, and which will leave your friends back home envious of your new found recipes. Various cooking classes which exist offer everything from the most mainstream and popular dishes to those which are traditional favourites unique to specific regions of Cambodia. You take your pick, and save some space for dessert.

Cooking Class

Cooking Class

How much does it cost?

Prices vary, as does the duration of different courses. Simple half day classes can be organised which may cost from as little as US 10, up to week long intense courses which will cost more. Groups will nearly always get a discount.

Where and when should I go?

Most schools are flexible, and offer classes at any time during the day or evening and throughout the year. There are several schools within Siem Reap and indeed all over Cambodia which we use and recommend.


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