Siem Reap Old Market

Siem Reap Old Market is one of the first Siem Reap attractions one should visit to find souvenirs and traditional Khmer goods. It's set in a great location right in the heart of town, and is the main shopping spot for locals and tourists alike, and also the hub of Siem Reap activity. It's a bustling market which draws many tourists simply to come and take a wander through the interesting food stalls (you may have to hold your nose at times!) or otherwise find some great traditional Cambodian wares in the way of clothing, souvenirs, hand carved ornaments or stone furniture. In the morning the locals will rush around the corridors with produce for the day - the earlier you get there the fresher the food will be.

Around the old market there are many cafes, bars and restaurants to rest your tired feet after wondering through the narrow corridors and bargaining with stubborn sellers!

How much does a visit cost?

There is no cost to see the market of course, it's when you start trying on clothes and imagining the mantelpiece back home with unique Khmer ornaments that you may start spending your hard-earned dollars. Prices are very cheap compared to back home, but it depends how much you want to buy...

When should I go, and how long do I need?

Early in the morning to get a taste of a Cambodian market in full swing setting up for a day's trading, otherwise any time of the day is great to wander through the market. Around half an hour would suffice to soak up the atmosphere and nose around the variety of stalls.

What else can I see?

The market is in the center of town so there's too much to mention! If you're new to Siem Reap, after seeing the market few things in life are more pleasant than a day spent simply strolling along the river, lunch in town and a visit to some nearby Pagodas...

Siem Reap Old Market

Siem Reap Old Market

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