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Lotus Blanc Resort

Lotus Blanc Resort is a premium boutique hotel which occupies a large garden setting. With timeless design in a French colonial style, Lotus Blanc Resort is characterized by its understated elegance offering holistic blend of romance and harmony.

Lotus Blanc is fortunate to offer you romantic and harmonious experience with ambiance surrounded by its tropical bliss landscape where you perfectly define your intimate holiday escape.


The hotel is located on the route to town from Siem Reap airport, approximately 3 km before the center, or a five minute tuk tuk journey. Also located 15 minutes away from the

  • Angkor temples.


    The hotel has 61 rooms, which are divided into 4 separate categories catering to individual preference.

    Best Rooms

    The best of these rooms are the classic suite or elegant suite rooms. Classic rooms are just that, classic in style, finished in Khmer traditional decor. The elegant suites are modern and finished with some delicate modern touches, and occupy the top floor, offering stunning views towards

  • Phnom Krom on the way to the
  • Tonlé Sap. Both are spacious and adopt a two-room convergence design.


    Lotus has a luxury spa and massage center within the hotel, a great pool and a top quality gymnasium. Business center and library, restaurant and bar, and very amenable and knowledgeable staff.

  • Lotus Blanc Resort in Siem Reap

    Lotus Blanc Room


    If you've got an important business meeting coming up, or just want to look the part for a night in Siem Reap town, take advantage of the complimentary shoe-shine service while you browse the immaculate hotel grounds.

    "Siem Reap is a fabulous destination that requires a lot of activity (touring temples and walking through the town, etc.), It was great to come back to the quiet serenity of the Lotus at the end of the day, or before going out in the evening. The staff was absolutely wonderful and the lobby and pool areas are very elegant. We were there in low season and had the place almost to ourselves...the staff was amazingly accommodating to any request. It's a short tuk tuk drive to town and convenient to the airport, especially if you have an early flight."

    If it's full...

    Try the nearby

  • FCC Angkor which has a more central location a further 5 minutes toward town from Lotus.

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